Bring Back Our Girls

The plane vanished

The Nigerian girls vanished

I am still here

My fingers are more present now

Than they were before

Raw dry skin

Which can never be softened

So many lives disappeared

Powerful lives

Meaningful lives

Vibrant lives

My dry fingers remain

Under my control

How can the world watch

As hundreds of girls are


Taken to a place where they

Are powerless

Concentration camps of the


The passengers of the plane

Will never return.

At least

Bring back our girls.

Life of a pathologist

Universe of pink and purple

Stroma and superfluous cells

Formations of delicate genius

Stream in the vibrant light

Molecular art, cellular portrait, based on precise mutations

Protein expression in brown and red, cytoplasmic and membranous

It bares all the colors I lack and shines in the hollows of my retina

My visual cortex activates; I struggle to catch my breath

Stunning image of supreme creation

The cause of certain destruction

The hospital is now your home

A life of suffering and chemo

My tears flow freely….from fascination or distress?