The words that flow directly into the other’s neuronal circuits,

Instant understanding,

Instant empathy,

Regardless of the infinite space in between.

There is solace in friendspeaking with familiar souls:

Those who intimately know about

your resilience – you are the Queen of Failures after all,

your sun-induced grimacing migraines,

and the chalky taste of your vegan peanut butter cookies.

Those who go to The Last Bookstore with you and smile the whole time,

watch liberal documentaries leading to intense philosophical discussions,

hike in the Sierra foothills with you to breath in the serene view,

and walk by the privileged rose garden at McKinley Park.

Those who love you after being apart for 10 years.

Those who remember your braces and skeletal figure in 7th grade.

Those who offer you a place to live.

And those who learn from your mistakes.


Reassuring you that your diabetes diagnosis is not a death sentence.

Exchanging relationship stories and life’s irritations.

Commiserating on the devastating effects of current politics.

Interspersed with schoolgirl giggles of remembrance (dancing in DTLA!).

Sent among the unseen digital spies on your phone,

Those words of friendspeak

boost you to face another day,

knowing with confidence that you are