The words that flow directly into the other’s neuronal circuits,

Instant understanding,

Instant empathy,

Regardless of the infinite space in between.

There is solace in friendspeaking with familiar souls:

Those who intimately know about

your resilience – you are the Queen of Failures after all,

your sun-induced grimacing migraines,

and the chalky taste of your vegan peanut butter cookies.

Those who go to The Last Bookstore with you and smile the whole time,

watch liberal documentaries leading to intense philosophical discussions,

hike in the Sierra foothills with you to breath in the serene view,

and walk by the privileged rose garden at McKinley Park.

Those who love you after being apart for 10 years.

Those who remember your braces and skeletal figure in 7th grade.

Those who offer you a place to live.

And those who learn from your mistakes.


Reassuring you that your diabetes diagnosis is not a death sentence.

Exchanging relationship stories and life’s irritations.

Commiserating on the devastating effects of current politics.

Interspersed with schoolgirl giggles of remembrance (dancing in DTLA!).

Sent among the unseen digital spies on your phone,

Those words of friendspeak

boost you to face another day,

knowing with confidence that you are



The Flow of Words



Parts of me dwindle down, allowing my former self to peek out into the scary abyss.

Don’t be afraid Humor, jump into the world where you are Missed.


The dog’s silky hair, free time, sunshine, mom’s food, my brother’s off-putting yet cozy smell, the yellow stains on the ceiling from the water leak, the friends who don’t Pity me


You don’t go out to eat on the weekends? You don’t have any friends or family in town? You moved here without knowing anyone? You’re single? Wow, that’s Brave.


Bravery leads the way, as the other parts follow blindfolded

Stumbling through a dark forest, twigs crunching below their feet

Lengthy hazing ritual for a new beginning

Now open your blindfolds, look at each other, and hold hands

The the most difficult part is about to start!



Aura, rise

Aura, go

Swing your starry scarf

into the night

Leap ahead

Dance in waves but

leave your patience


You may wander off

and lose control

but your grit will remain


Your eyes may close

Your smile may cement

but your love will remain


Aura, see

Aura, go

Be wild in the streets


When your soul hurts

follow the crumbs

and you will find

your home

in the light.


Crude oil, coal mafia

corrupt dirty money in Congress

Money interested in only money

Lives are useless things

Water. dirty water.

Ocean. Slick ocean.

Tears are pure commodities

untouched by corporate America

Let the tears drown those in power

Drown in our suffering

Interconnected, we all are

Eventually your money

will be worthless.

We will illuminate

through our salty tears

illuminate a future

which belongs to everyone

Locked inside

I will be your hidden chamber

filled with corners of dejected dreams

insults of years gone by

the fears that torture you.

I will carry those screams

silence them in my arms

blaze the entire place

in an act of arson

I will mend your heart

with my lips

You will rise to your destiny

with trepidation

Your courage and ambitions will

fly you away

from me

but I will always remain

locked inside


Searching for peace

No sleep

It robs and throbs

Heart gives way to sobs

Warm, our spirits free

He is dancing, loving me

It seemed so real

His raw heart, I did feel

Now looking back

It was a blitz, an attack

Too forced to be true

Deformed love never grew

I am now calm, serene

Living, an ocean scene

Waves purify face

True love, I am eager to taste

Homeless Man in Little Tokyo #dtla

He tried to punch me

But I leaned away

He walked away hallucinating

Delusions of street life

Homeless homes

On the intersections of Little Tokyo

He grew more agitated as the weeks

Went by

Tapping me on the shoulder

As I ate at an outdoor patio

He kept mumbling incoherent


I couldn’t understand him

And never will

And that is the worst part:

To be misunderstood

Is a form of death.

He deserves to live.


Let us consume each other until only ashes persist

It is not death but the creation of a shared soul

Passion is not the only one who plays with fire

Love is an expert at burning us whole

After the flames are no longer dancing

Something more exquisite begins to take form:

A mutual respect we never expected

An invisible bond that can never be torn