Ode to Ology


I have been using your products for 2 years with the same level of enthusiasm when I first discovered you at Walgreens. Most people agree that love tends to fade in relationships, and for some it’s a logarithmic decrease over time. Yet, my love for you increases with every sheet of toilet paper I use!

Toilet paper forged from natural byproducts, specifically sugarcane husk and bamboo, is a brilliant concept! Every time I purchase and use you, fewer trees are being destroyed.  On a planet currently suffering from climate change (as proven by 99.9999% of scientists), deforestation is an issue people tend to forget about. Forest massacres are not the trendiest conversation piece, understandably. Many people don’t realize that forests act as carbon sinks, and that 15% of all greenhouse gas emissions are due to deforestation (www.worldwildlife.org/threats/deforestation).

Ology, you are beautiful on the inside and out. Your natural goodness is derived from two eco-friendly ingredients: sustainable bamboo, which grows quickly, and sugarcane husks, which would normally be discarded. I love that you are treated with H2O2 instead of harsh bleach. When I use your soft white sheets, I don’t have to endure the guilt of killing trees (which can take a minimum of 35 years to replenish) or harming forest creatures, so I owe you a big thank you.


and most importantly

my derriere

appreciate you

each and every day!


Lena Dunham: A Movement behind the Entertainment

After watching Girls season finale last night, I wake up to another genius Dunham creation in the New Yorker this morning. Dog or Jewish Boyfriend? What a silly question! Yet, my boyfriend and my dog love me in similar ways. One is a funny and creative sweetheart; the other runs around on all fours. Somehow, they both love deeply.

Last night’s episode made me realize Girls is evolving into an ultra-feminist series. The scene in which a man tells Shoshana to “Lean In”, ditch her boyfriend, and move to Tokyo highlights the beginning of a calculated revolution. Am I willing to follow this female-oriented frenzy of a movement? Yes, I am! (within the confines of the mainland United States, of course…I won’t be going to Japan anytime soon)

Dog or Jewish Boyfriend? A Quiz.

By Lena Dunham




VoteRunLead is an organization which advocates for female participation in political leadership. Become a member for free, and you’ll have access to training/leadership videos, conferences, and a huge network of supporters to help you win local elections.

If you aren’t able to run for office, that is completely understandable. Most American women have careers and care for children which can seem like 2 full-time jobs. At a bare minimum, have your kids (boys and girls) watch Mulan! It is one of the rare Disney films which teaches children about women’s rights and women’s potential in society. This video is my favorite!

The Middle of Things: Advice for Young Writers by Andrew Solomon

I love Andrew Solomon’s piece which offers advice to young writers. He asks writers to focus on questions, not answers, and on the joy and power of the written word. Please take a few moments out of your day to read it. 🙂