Lena Dunham: A Movement behind the Entertainment

After watching Girls season finale last night, I wake up to another genius Dunham creation in the New Yorker this morning. Dog or Jewish Boyfriend? What a silly question! Yet, my boyfriend and my dog love me in similar ways. One is a funny and creative sweetheart; the other runs around on all fours. Somehow, they both love deeply.

Last night’s episode made me realize Girls is evolving into an ultra-feminist series. The scene in which a man tells Shoshana to “Lean In”, ditch her boyfriend, and move to Tokyo highlights the beginning of a calculated revolution. Am I willing to follow this female-oriented frenzy of a movement? Yes, I am! (within the confines of the mainland United States, of course…I won’t be going to Japan anytime soon)

Dog or Jewish Boyfriend? A Quiz.

By Lena Dunham




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If you aren’t able to run for office, that is completely understandable. Most American women have careers and care for children which can seem like 2 full-time jobs. At a bare minimum, have your kids (boys and girls) watch Mulan! It is one of the rare Disney films which teaches children about women’s rights and women’s potential in society. This video is my favorite!