Eulogy Virtues

The following op-ed piece by David Brooks (The Moral Bucket List) brought me to tears.  He discusses the importance of morality and emotional intelligence, such as possessing eulogy virtues instead of résumé virtues.  He writes about people who radiate an inner light and make you feel valued, people who have generosity of spirit.  These words immediately reminded me of my brother, Neil, who had difficulty finding a job but was admired by his peers for qualities that are immeasurable, qualities that could never be transcribed on a job résumé.

Neil was an artistic and fun-loving genius who loved to help others but had trouble finding a career path.  I felt sad that I couldn’t help him through tough times because I knew he was hurting inside.  After he unexpectedly passed away, my family realized he was morally superior to most people we knew.  He struggled but never lost his heart of gold.

I used to be a résumé builder, living for the next structured accomplishment.  Now, I am unemployed and discovering new ways of thinking and new ways of coping with failure.  I am in the same shoes that Neil was when he passed away, penniless but surrounded by love.  Neil has inspired me to be more like him, to be humble and resilient with a shield of selflessness.

I am so happy David Brooks wrote this article, to finally commemorate those who really deserve it: the moral few.

In loving memory of Neil Patel.



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