Ode to Ology


I have been using your products for 2 years with the same level of enthusiasm when I first discovered you at Walgreens. Most people agree that love tends to fade in relationships, and for some it’s a logarithmic decrease over time. Yet, my love for you increases with every sheet of toilet paper I use!

Toilet paper forged from natural byproducts, specifically sugarcane husk and bamboo, is a brilliant concept! Every time I purchase and use you, fewer trees are being destroyed.  On a planet currently suffering from climate change (as proven by 99.9999% of scientists), deforestation is an issue people tend to forget about. Forest massacres are not the trendiest conversation piece, understandably. Many people don’t realize that forests act as carbon sinks, and that 15% of all greenhouse gas emissions are due to deforestation (www.worldwildlife.org/threats/deforestation).

Ology, you are beautiful on the inside and out. Your natural goodness is derived from two eco-friendly ingredients: sustainable bamboo, which grows quickly, and sugarcane husks, which would normally be discarded. I love that you are treated with H2O2 instead of harsh bleach. When I use your soft white sheets, I don’t have to endure the guilt of killing trees (which can take a minimum of 35 years to replenish) or harming forest creatures, so I owe you a big thank you.


and most importantly

my derriere

appreciate you

each and every day!



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