Lena Dunham: A Movement behind the Entertainment

After watching Girls season finale last night, I wake up to another genius Dunham creation in the New Yorker this morning. Dog or Jewish Boyfriend? What a silly question! Yet, my boyfriend and my dog love me in similar ways. One is a funny and creative sweetheart; the other runs around on all fours. Somehow, they both love deeply.

Last night’s episode made me realize Girls is evolving into an ultra-feminist series. The scene in which a man tells Shoshana to “Lean In”, ditch her boyfriend, and move to Tokyo highlights the beginning of a calculated revolution. Am I willing to follow this female-oriented frenzy of a movement? Yes, I am! (within the confines of the mainland United States, of course…I won’t be going to Japan anytime soon)

Dog or Jewish Boyfriend? A Quiz.

By Lena Dunham



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