Flash of bronze

My eyes, too practical to be meaningful

Built by light-years of hard-fought wisdom

Decorated dishonorably with a web of wrinkles

Ignored by your genius, your solar flares of creation


The vapid gaze of my thick space bubble

Fuels escape into wormholes of defeat

Not self-defeat but soul-defeat from love

Lost in the impenetrable imploding future


Fleeting flash of bronze from my deep brown eyes

When the sun kisses my face, I remember:

Floating away on a feathery orb of skin on skin

Landing into the cloudy atmosphere of your arms


Your collapsing arms, your rapid disenchantment

With my rough hair, my tri-colored face with scars

With my naive generosity and silent respect

Your orbit never collided with my bronze eyes


You never felt the molten gold inside my chest

The massive sculptures of the galaxies, unseen

You didn’t wait for my moon to glow

A pure stream of bronze against the black light


For you, my eyes were too practical to be meaningful

My bronze too subtle to be loved


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